What is capoeira? Originally created by African slaves in Brazil, capoeira is a celebration of life in the face of everyday struggle. The circular and evasive movements of capoeira, combined with a rich tradition of music and dance, place it in a unique position as an art that always poses the question: "Is capoeira a game, a fight or a dance?" Come and learn the movements, they will develop your confidence and fitness and will make you feel centred and balanced.

Capoeira in Cheltenham Spa began in 2006. A master of Oficina Da Capoeira, with the help of Marina (Mineira) and Marcus (Piriquito), began the capoeira group in England. Professor Primo then left London for Cheltenham to continue the work of capoeira and, with the help of his students Mineira, Piriquito and others, continued to spread this Brazilian art throughout England.

Now, with the supervision of the Master Ray and with the students help, Oficina Da Capoeira makes presentations at schools, colleges and also has classes in Cheltenham, Stroud, Gloucester and others areas in Gloucestershire.

Classes are open to all who want to learn about capoeira and also about Brazil. In capoeira you'll find an environment full of positive energy and you’ll be amongst people who are enthusiastic and welcoming. Most importantly, if you have never done capoeira before, there is no need to be shy or scared because both the teachers and the other students will give you all the support you need to feel relaxed in class and give capoeira a try.

This exciting art form helps improve agility, fitness, flexibility and self-confidence in a sociable, informal atmosphere.

All are welcome.