Ace really focus on the  game and Eletrica :)                                                           Mandinga  Mandingueiro......


A capoeira....a capoeira aiaiaaa                                                                          Mineira e Cobrinha....

Ja deixei familia, ja larguei amor so pra ir com voce capoeira onde vc for

      Grad Sinha showing us how to move                                         Percussion class at montpellier park Cheltenham

Grad Nego lua running a capoeira workshop in Trojan Gym                         Gigante training hard

Lleria Spain, watch that suitcase, mandingueiro knows why :)             All together in Llerida Spain 2011

                                                           Late night and an early capoeira display :)

                                                                 Brazil December 2010 VIVENCIAS 

                                                                    Brazil  december 2010 VIVENCIAS

      Capoeira Nago festival in London 2010                                     Maculele Professor Primo and Grad Nego Lua    

Professor Primo and Grad Nego Lua in London 2010                 Mandingueiro,Esperta,Morena,Rambo,Rapunzel                 

We all together after the street roda in Cheltenham....if you didn't come over, you missed a good festival ;) 


Inst Neguinho, Piolho and Prof Primo in Llerida Spain                          Inst Neguinho,Afinada and Prof Primo Llerida Spain 

                                                             Class in Stround.....lots of good energy ;)

                                        It is always nice when we have kids envolved playing capoeira....

                                                               Cornbury festival 2010!!!!

  We all together eating and drinking after class ;)                              Nego Lua, Mineira, Inst Caçador e Prof Primo  

                   Oficina da capoeira UK....                               Grad cocó,Lua,Mestre Ray,Prof Primo,Inst Neguinho e Caçador

                                                              Capoeira workshop in the high street Cheltenham

      Belgium 2010 Abre a roda meu povo!!!                                               Let's pain, no gain.

                                                                                  Belgium 2010

The ladies from Oficina da capoeira UK(pretty but dangerous)          Kung ful,Esperta,Morena,Açai and Eletrica in Reading

                Berimbau ta chamando aééééé´......                                          Becareful   ;)